Braised goat in drunken glaze with jasmine rice and green beans

Last weekend, I went to Phu Cuong, a recently opened Vietnamese supermarket in Dorchester to get some of the ingredients for my Pad Kee Mao. There’s nothing that will get me all excited like a brand spanking new, big, and well-stocked Asian grocery store. I had to nanny myself and put back some things that I impulsively grabbed off the shelves (are you really going to use all that culantro before it wilts?), but one thing I couldn’t pass up was a lovely package of cubed goat meat with skin and plenty of fat still attached.


After eating some revelatory braised and glazed lamb belly not too long ago, I’d been wanting to attempt my own version. For this, I more or less took the same sauce that I used for the pad kee mao, thinned it out with stock, braised the meat in it, then reduced it again and thickened it to create a glaze. Sweet and sour, with plenty of briny accents,  I think I’ve discovered a wonderful new all-purpose dressing. Oyster sauce is one of the key ingredients, adding earthy undertones. I picked up this bottle at the market. I have to say I’m always wowed by Thai food packaging.


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