Year: 2013


Accessorize It

There’s some vague, unofficial rule in fashion about never matching too much. If this plate were an outfit, it would surely be in violation: chickpea hummus, chickpea falafel, even pita bread made from chickpeas. I suppose the best solution to this […]


Red hot

These tostadas, adapted from Simply Recipes, were the perfect answer to my hankering for some lighter summer fare as well as the visions of tortillas occupying my head after coming across a copy of Diana Kennedy’s Oaxaca al Gusto at the library. […]


Odds and ends

Unpublished photos from the files. Chicken skin wrapped shrimp bites One of the dishes from my culinary final. You haven’t been truly intimate with a chicken until you’ve deboned it and stuffed it with another animal. Tomato curry with beef […]


Red, white, and stew

Although cumin lamb is associated with Sichuan province, there is an unmistakable Muslim influence in it, a testament to the diverse cultures that have left their imprint on China’s foodways. This version, however, adapted from Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese […]

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Some like it raw

I don’t eat delicious, lovingly prepared homemade meals every night. Sometimes I end up getting takeaway from Whole Foods—bad sushi is a very guilty pleasure of mine (seriously—did you know that the Unification Church is by far the largest distributor […]


Work with what you’ve got

Although I’ve tried to become something of a connoisseur of ethnic groceries, first in DC, now in Boston, I admit that stepping into them still feels like a gamble. I revisited Phu Cuong grocery this weekend, with a shopping list for […]



Leftover broth from the braised chicken was used to create a soup for this ramen, which includes homemade noodles and roast pork loin. The distinctive red hue comes from the addition of lots of chili bean paste. My roommate pointed out […]



I’ve never been to Mission Chinese Food, but it must smell like heaven. This chicken stew, adapted from head chef Danny Bowien’s recipe, should be made into an aromatherapy candle. With the copious amounts of cumin, fennel, and Sichuan pepper […]


Not Crap

Since kung pao chicken usually appears as some sort of deep fried catastrophe in red gloop at most American Chinese restaurants, I was surprised to find out that it actually has roots in a legitimate Sichuan dish. This recipe, from […]


¿Como se dice?

I’ve never taken Spanish lessons, but having worked in the service industry, I’ve managed to pick up some of the food lingo. I tried to think of what you would call these in Spanish: tacos de chorizo con papas, queso […]



Last week I made some rather forgettable jerk chicken that was saved by the addition of this rice and beans recipe from Simply Recipes. I loved the creamy, fragrant rice so much I made it again. Happening upon this beef stew […]



The problem with watching films and TV shows about food (the gastronome’s second favorite pastime) is that they’re impossible to get through without craving what’s on the screen. I’ve been making my way through Korean drama Pasta, in which aglio e […]



Braised goat in drunken glaze with jasmine rice and green beans Last weekend, I went to Phu Cuong, a recently opened Vietnamese supermarket in Dorchester to get some of the ingredients for my Pad Kee Mao. There’s nothing that will […]

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Swedish style mustard with Saikyo miso A couple years back, declared “stealth miso” to be one of the next big trends in food. Not surprise attack miso, but miso in places you wouldn’t expect to find it. They were […]



Udon with mushrooms J. Kenji López-Alt has been posting some wonderful vegan recipes over at Serious Eats, the sort written for those of us with tastebuds. I don’t mean that as a dig at my vegan and vegetarian friends. But really, every time I see…



Spiced lentils with lamb (yakhni’l-adas) and swiss chard in yogurt (siliq bil laban) These recipes come from Nawal Nasrallah’s Delights from the Garden of Eden, a historically-minded Iraqi cookbook. According to Nasrallah, yakhni not only describe…



Laab with mushrooms and pork So I suppose the news story of the moment is that Boston is going to get 2+ feet of snow this weekend. Right now, it’s barely a few hours into the storm and the window in my room is so clogged that I can’t see anything…



Chicken giouvetsi I made shrimp giouvetsi once a few years back and have returned to the dish, and variations on it, rather often. Rather than boiling the orzo that goes into it, everything is baked casserole style, infusing the pasta with the fla…



Chettinad curry, green beans with coconut and mustard seed, broken rice This recipe was designed for someone like myself: a home cook with a seriously overstuffed spice cabinet that never seems to declutter no matter how many times I make curry. T…



Red curry with chicken, squash, string beans, and eggplant There are as many red curry paste recipes as there are Thai cookbooks and Thai cooking blogs. I don’t have any particular favorite and usually only end up consulting them to remind myself …



Laksa asam – Penang hot and sour noodles After a truly hectic end to my first semester in grad school, I finally have some time to get back to cooking and other important things in life, like marathoning episodes of Breaking Bad and reading all of…