Miki KawasakiHello, I’m Miki. I used to eat a lot and write a little. Now I’d say it’s about 50/50. I’ve been a contributor at food-focused websites like Serious Eats and Chowhound, a copywriter in the grocery industry, and a recipe editor for a Highlysuccessfuldatadrivenglöbal meal kit company. If you’re seeking a nitwit who knows their way around words, food, and visuals (and how to combine them all), let’s talk.

I’m open to new opportunities that are directly related to my areas of culinary/writing interest and expertise, which include:

  • Copywriting and editing
  • Service journalism
  • Editorial and content strategy
  • Recipe writing and editing
  • Branded content
  • Not plugging your product/place of business. Wrong person, sorry.

I got to where I am through the typical route of the older millennial unicorn. After spending the better part of my early adolescence aspiring to be a world-famous musician, and the better part of my late adolescence aspiring to be a world-famous, artistically-inclined multi-hyphenate, I emerged from college gainfully employed as neither. So in 2008, after a brief stint as a librarian in a far-flung corner of the Bronx, I relocated to Washington, DC and got myself a job waiting tables. The next four years proved to be formative: I found myself in the thick of what was a rapidly evolving local food scene that pulsed with energy amidst the otherwise grim backdrop of the recession (thanks, Obama).

In 2012, I decided to take my love for all things culinary and channel it into a master’s degree in gastronomy. I had never previously considered that the ideas of collegiate heroes of mine like Roland Barthes and Walter Benjamin could be applied to topics like the North Korean famine, coprophagy in the films of John Waters, and the symbology of alcohol in RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked!  But I realized that they could, in a fashion typical of grad school fuckery. I finished the program with two Julia Child awards under my belt (bestowed by the ghost of Julia Child herself).

From there, I entered the New York food media machine and got really good at cranking out listicles alongside larger passion projects about meat and Asian cuisines. Eventually, I found my niche at the intersection of food writing, marketing, and the corporate comforts of the grocery industry.

Nowadays, I try to write, read, cook, and consume as much as possible (both gustatorily and otherwise). And sometimes I still do make it out to a concert or a museum, because, well, old habits die hard.

Wanna get in touch? You can keep it strictly professional by finding me on LinkedIn. Although really you should just shoot me an e-mail at miki dot kawasaki at gmail dot com.