Doro wott and ye’abesha gomen (Ethiopian chicken stew and collards) with farro

More than a week after I moved, I finally got around to cooking a proper meal. That first week was painfully ridden with canned tuna and greasy quesadillas, but hey, at least I got to eat shortbread and fancy cheese in class. Ironically, the first thing I chose to make in my Boston home was a dish I most closely associate with DC: doro wott. DC is of course home to a sizeable Ethiopian population and it’s kind of hard not to wind up at one of the injera joints near U Street there on a regular basis. Dukem’s carry out was a staple for me after late nights at work, although Zenebech was by far my favorite. I made sure to buy a tub of their berbere powder before leaving. I’ve yet to try Boston’s Ethiopian offerings, but seeing a woman carrying a stack of injera on her shoulder my first day here was certainly a good omen.

My rendition of the classic Ethiopian stew combined tips from Marcus Samuelsson’s book¬†with this version from the Washington Post. I think the key to producing a flavorful, slightly thick sauce is cooking the onions for a long time, as instructed in the WaPo recipe. I should note that doro wott usually includes hard boiled eggs, but I replaced these with potatoes. Also, while Ethiopian food is normally served atop injera, a flatbread made from teff, making it is quite tricky, so I opted to use farro as a base instead.

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