Aloo Gobhi Naan Pizza

One time when I was shopping at Lotte Plaza, I came across a giant freezer full of naan pizzas on sale for $1.50 each. Although I generally try to stay away from frozen meals, I nevertheless proceeded to load my cart with a half-dozen, smitten with the tacky novelty and flavors like saag paneer and spicy eggplant. Cooks have been putting anything and everything on flatbreads for ages. But when repackaged as a pizza, somehow it is transformed into something fun and junky, invoking late night pig outs and “pizza Fridays”.

Making my own naan pizzas was fairly simple and the dough proved to be an excellent vehicle for the toppings (and it didn’t even need any yeast and only required a little bit of kneading). I served it with kale saag, which was both a tasty side dish and perfectly matching sauce for drizzling on top. I’ll be sure to use the naan as a base for other combinations in the future.

I didn’t need Mary-Kate and Ashley to remind me that you can put anything on a pizza!

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