Odds and ends

Unpublished photos from the files. Chicken skin wrapped shrimp bites One of the dishes from my culinary final. You haven’t been truly intimate with a chicken until you’ve deboned it and stuffed it with another animal. Tomato curry with beef […]


Work with what you’ve got

Although I’ve tried to become something of a connoisseur of ethnic groceries, first in DC, now in Boston, I admit that stepping into them still feels like a gamble. I revisited Phu Cuong grocery┬áthis weekend, with a shopping list for […]



I’ve never been to Mission Chinese Food, but it must smell like heaven. This chicken stew, adapted from head chef Danny Bowien’s recipe, should be made into an aromatherapy candle. With the copious amounts of cumin, fennel, and Sichuan pepper […]


Not Crap

Since kung pao chicken usually appears as some sort of deep fried catastrophe in red gloop at most American Chinese restaurants, I was surprised to find out that it actually has roots in a legitimate Sichuan dish. This recipe, from […]



Red curry with chicken, squash, string beans, and eggplant There are as many red curry paste recipes as there are Thai cookbooks and Thai cooking blogs. I don’t have any particular favorite and usually only end up consulting them to remind myself …



Khao soi – curry noodles with chicken, pickled mustard, shallots, crispy noodles, cilantro, and lime Recently I’ve been reading a lot about matters of authenticity and what it means in the food experience. Since about ninety nine percent of the fo…



Lemongrass chicken with coconut rice and sauteed kale with mushrooms I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve come across an interesting recipe, only to find that the instructions are designed for the charcoal grill. It’s as if all the…



Pad Horapa – Thai basil chicken with crispy skins This dish is closely related to the Teochew style chicken I made a few weeks back. The Thai version seems to have been heavily influenced by the Chinese, due to the fact that many Teochew migrated …



Teochew style chicken with basil and Sichuan peppercorn Another recipe from Eileen Yin Fei Lo’s Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking. The greens are deep fried basil leaves. I love how luminously translucent they become after cooking. Of course, t…



Jerk chicken with fried cabbage Ever see this meme? I think the same thing happens every time I try to make Jamaican, or Ethiopian, or Thai, or any other food that I dearly love that is from a place I will likely never visit. I got the recipe for …