Shrimp and grits with bacon, spinach, scallion

This one’s adapted from the Momofuku cookbook. Naturally, it’s got a bit of a Japanese twist, with a konbu and soy sauce base for the grits’ cooking liquid. I was inspired to make this after I got the idea of making polenta with all of the leftover milk I had from the mac ‘n cheese.

The original recipe calls for a slow-poached egg cracked atop the grits. I have never liked eggs though (although in my fantasy afternoon spent hanging out with David Chang, he’d find a way to convince me to like them). I replaced it here with a bit of boiled spinach, to try to add something healthy. However, it really just distracted from the amazingly rich flavors of the rest of the dish.

I’ll be making this again in a couple weeks for some of my cohorts in epicureanism. Next time, I might forgo the greens and continue the Asian influence by replacing it with kimchi. Trying to do fusion food doesn’t come easily, and it’s a challenge to not have it come off as lazy or poorly conceived. When done well though, it can be so satisfying. I’ve got to nod my head in agreement with Chang when he says of developing the menu at Momofuku, “if we reached past tradition to create the truest and best version of a dish for our own palates, then what we were doing wasn’t bullshit.”

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  1. Kimchi might do, but also might overwhelm the shrimp. I was thinking avocado in place of the egg. You get the richness and the beautiful green.

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