Linguine with meatballs 

In the last few months my cooking has leant towards spice and flavor heavy dishes – a lot of Thai and Chinese. Of course I love these sorts of foods, but I also had a practical motive in making them: to get rid of as much of the stuff in my overstocked spice cabinet as possible before moving. I tried so hard to whittle away at the bulk bags of cumin, star anise, and coriander that seemed like a good idea when I bought them. I deployed fish sauce with reckless abandon. Right now it’s four days before I move and my efforts seem to have hardly lightened my load. McCormick seriously has the worst business model ever because their products last a lifetime.

This is probably the last meal I’ll make in my DC kitchen. Ratios and measurements went out the window while putting together this one. The pasta is composed of the emptied contents of three different bags of flour and the sauce from a bunch of the unused vegetables sitting in my freezer. I even snuck in some totally unnecessary berbere powder just so I could use it. Also, with perfect timing, my food processor decided to break down and quit while pureeing the tomatoes. I guess that’s one less thing I’ll have to take with me on moving day.

Adios DC, hello Boston.

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