Corn and miso ramen with vegetables and ground pork

Yes, even I will stoop to terrible puns sometimes.

I still have some corn flour left over from making the corn cookies, which I’ve already tried using in pancakes. For some reason, corn and miso has stuck out in my mind as a great flavor combo. I thought making ramen noodles with corn flour in a miso broth would be a great idea, but pondered how to get an appreciable amount of corn into the dough while still having enough gluten to hold it together.

Then this week my copy of Modernist Cuisine at Home arrived, with the now obvious solution to my problem. In there is a recipe for masa harina noodles, which adds vital wheat gluten to the dough to give it the elasticity it needs. The dough it produces is rather soft and squishy, like cookie dough, but strong enough to not fall apart when pulling and tearing at it.

To add even more corn flavor to the dish, I also followed the book’s recipe for a toasted corn husk broth, which is subtly sweet and delicious with white miso added to it. I added a mix of simple stir fried vegetables and pork with corn kernels on top for the corniest noodle soup you could want. I didn’t have any on hand, but some Hokkaido corn caramel would have been the perfect dessert to go along with this.

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