Corn and potato soup with sorrel pistou, berbere roasted eggplant with merguez sausage / baby eggplants at sunset

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I bought yellow corn and purple potatoes for making soup. Any third grader could tell you that ugliness ensues when you mix those two colors. I had to add a whole lot of turmeric to mask the results, though I might have reached for the easter egg dye in a more desperate situation.

On top of the soup and beneath the eggplant is sorrel, a leafy green I don’t think I’ve ever had before. I was surprised by the lemony tartness of the stuff. I’ll be using the leftover pistou on pasta, for sure. It was a find at the Silver Spring farmer’s market, along with the potatoes, merguez sausage (from an Amish producer), and those wee baby eggplants. For those in the DC area, I highly recommend the Silver Spring market – it has the variety of the popular market in Dupont, without about a quarter of the crowds .

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