Pan-fried noodles with tofu and peppers

I’ve been posting photos of my creations in the kitchen to Facebook for almost a year. When I started, I had no intention other than to document the activity that brings me the most consistent joy and sense of discovery (other than my much more obtuse obsessions with surrealistic Brit-coms and bizzaro synth music). I hoped that maybe the photos would be a welcome blip on friends’ news feeds. There were warm responses from both acquaintances in DC as well as distant relations I hadn’t heard from in years, but they often followed up with the same question: Why don’t you start a food blog? I had my reasons for abstaining. Everyone who thinks of themself as a foodie has a blog and I certainly didn’t want to be part of that cliché. I don’t have a whole lot to write about as most of the stuff I make comes from recipes I find online or in books, so there’s no original material (plus I refuse to become one of those types who waxes poetic about the wonders of fig preserves or whatever). Also, Facebook is great because I already have it, no need to set up yet another account.

Well I guess it’s time to swallow my own words now that I’m effectively creating a food blog. At the moment I’m applying to a couple graduate programs in food studies. Looking at the blogs created by some of the students already enrolled gave me inspiration for what I could do with my photos sans the white and dusty blue confines of Facebook. I realized that I could keep on doing what I’m already doing, but with prettier formatting. And maybe I’ll start to include more anecdotes from my adventures around town, at the markets, and in the smelly suburban ethnic groceries that I love so dearly. I’ll try to stay away from the navel gazing inherent to so many other food blogs and focus mainly on the photos. But hopefully I can make the scope of this project a little more expansive than it has been so far.

I’ll still try to share the posts I make here on Facebook. Welcome to What’s for Dinner 2.0.

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  1. mmmmMMM!!! Spaghetti with meatballs!I swear I won’t do that anymore. At least not on every page.Best of luck.

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