Minnesota wild rice soup with mushrooms

It’s quite obvious looking through my photos that rice is a big staple of my cooking. I usually opt for jasmine, but I ran out of my last bag of it a few weeks ago. I’ll be relocating to Boston at the end of the month, so I was loathe to buy another enormous 20 lb. bag only to have to drag it with me on moving day. In the interim, I’ve been buying rice in small quantities from the bulk bins at Whole Foods. The other week, I couldn’t resist picking up this Minnesota wild rice. When dry, the grains are impossibly long and needle-like, with an ebony coating that gives them a striking appearance.

Searching online for recipes using Minnesota wild rice mostly yielded results like this one – something soupy, usually with lots of mushrooms, and hearty enough to stave off the chills of a northern winter. I opted for The Kitchn’s version, following their instructions closely. The soup was remarkably earthy and savory, with the rice lending a nutty flavor. I should note, this picture was taken the day after I made the soup – the rice soaked up most of the broth overnight.

With the weather being as unbearably hot as it has been, eating a dense soup seems pretty counterintuitive. As much as I’d like to eat with the seasons, for this, I’ll make an exception.

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