Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake, for my roommate Lindsey

Because even though she claims to be a grown ass woman, we all know Lindsey is really a kid at heart.

Although it was quite tasty and not too difficult to make, I probably won’t be trying anything else from the Milk Bar cookbook for a while. Like other Tosi recipes, it contains an obscene amount of butter and sugar, enough to make this jaded foodie blush. In fact, while layers one and two were baking, the batter for layer three started to separate into liquid and fat. Those crumbs you see on the side are basically baked sugar. And don’t forget the half can of Crisco and entire box of powdered sugar that went into the frosting. It was only appropriate to decorate the cake with a drawing of the equally outlandish state of Texas (I wish I had taken a better picture of it in its full glory). Ugh, next time it will be a California cake, made from low-fat tofu and sweetened with dates.

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  1. I ate at least a quarter of this cake by myself and rode out the most amazing sugar high to the point where funfetti was bursting out of my eyeballs. True story!

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