Chettinad curry, green beans with coconut and mustard seed, broken rice

This recipe was designed for someone like myself: a home cook with a seriously overstuffed spice cabinet that never seems to declutter no matter how many times I make curry. The ingredient list calls for a bit of everything, letting me chip away a little further at the containers of coriander and cumin that I’ve held on to through multiple moves and countless seasons. Chettinad cuisine, at least from my restaurant experiences, seems to revolve around elaborate, bold flavors well suited for cabinet pillaging. After digging out some languishing cans of tomatoes as well, I only had to add some meat (pork shoulder), onions, and yogurt to complete the dish.

The downside of curry, however, is that it is rarely photogenic. This one outright looks like vomit – no amount of retouching could possibly hide the fact. I suppose some things are better left smelled but not seen.

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