Laab with mushrooms and pork

So I suppose the news story of the moment is that Boston is going to get 2+ feet of snow this weekend. Right now, it’s barely a few hours into the storm and the window in my room is so clogged that I can’t see anything out of it. Since I’m probably not leaving the house anytime soon, I’m making my way through the 3.5 hour movie version of War and Peace (I’ll save the book for when I survive the apocalypse).

The nasty weather, combined with temperatures that have only sporadically crept above freezing in the past month, also got me jonesing for some sunny fare. I’d been wanting to try this shimeji mushroom laab¬†ever since the recipe appeared on Serious Eats. But wanting to add a little meat into the mix, I simply combined the recipe with one for laab with ground pork. The gringo version, mind you, not the one with all the guts and goodness. Although I often see pork offal and blood at Asian supermarkets, I’m too chicken to cook with it at home. Regardless of what goes in, the fresh herbs and juices of this northeastern Thai dish make it the perfect antidote for wintertime blues.


My findings at Lotte Plaza, Chantilly, VA (2011)

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