Jerk chicken with fried cabbage

Ever see this meme? I think the same thing happens every time I try to make Jamaican, or Ethiopian, or Thai, or any other food that I dearly love that is from a place I will likely never visit. I got the recipe for this from pasty Englishman¬†Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, who probably hasn’t been to Trenchtown either. I had to tweak¬†it, incorporating salt, vinegar, and lime juice to the rub to make it taste less like Red Hots candy. I also added extra scotch bonnet peppers on the suspicion that the heat levels had been tamed for motherland tastes. It was good, but someone needs to make a goth-approved sunscreen so I can safely travel to the islands and get some jerk at the source.

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  1. I know a jerk in New Rochelle that definitely came from the source. I’m sure there are a few jerks in the Bronx and Brooklyn as well… Come home soon!Interesting YouTube link, BTW, thanks! By using a Xerox copier your father made an early version of the Idea in 1981, with a newspaper photo of John Lennon in Central Park. You know what happened.

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