Goan-style curry with tofu over a brown basmati and red rice blend

Coconut milk curry was one of the first things I ever tried to make on my own and throughout the years has remained one of my chief culinary obsessions. I will probably be forever trying to refine my Thai green curry, and am still looking for a good recipe for the Keralan avial, the first curry I ever fell in love with. I’ve never struggled though with this recipe for Goan tomato curry, which was perfect from my first attempt at making it. I’ve returned to it repeatedly since it was first published in the Times. It’s wonderfully salty, tangy, creamy, and aromatic. As an added bonus, most of the ingredients are things I usually have lying around my pantry. I made it here with tofu I had stored in my freezer (freezing tofu gives it a really nice spongy texture – just make sure to drain as much water as possible from it first). Adding fiery bhut jolokia chiles gave it a nice kick, but the aroma sent me and at least one two of my roommates into coughing fits (sorry, my bad). I guess I should have expected as much from something that claims to be “THE HOTTEST CHILE IN THE WORLD!”

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