Crepe with Brussels sprouts, andouille sausage, pecan, and pecorino romano

A dinner (or breakfast) made entriely out of leftovers: sausage and nuts remaining from this week’s farro dish, buttermilk left from making the funfetti cake, Brussels sprouts bought on a whim with no particular use in mind. Using a tip from Larousse Gastronomique, I even incorporated a bit of the beer that someone brought to Lindsey’s birthday celebration into the batter (in this case Leffe Blonde). It gave the crepes a nice yeasty taste and smell. I probably was supposed to bathe this thing in some sort of bechamel sauce, but after yesterday’s pizza and cake bonanza, it seemed entriely unecessary. Looking at it like this, it kind of begs to start calling crepes French burritos, in hopes of capitalizing on the umpteenth wave of the fusion burrito trend David Chang started at Ssam Bar years ago. French burritos are a concept so heinous it would go straight to food truck, the way movies of a certain caliber are straight to DVD.

I should mention I used Daisy Creek organic flour and beautiful pasture raised eggs purchased at Smuckers Farm for this. If you live in DC and have not visited this store yet, I recommend heading there ASAP. It’s like having a nice, small farmers’ market that’s open seven days a week.

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